*There is only one original in the world of this piece - and this is it! This exclusive drawing is hand-signed and the only of it's kind in the world. 


Inspired by the frontline hospital housekeepers that are often not mentioned when applauding and appreciating the medical field during COVID-19. Hospital housekeepers are quietly working the front lines, with low pay and little recognition compared to their clinical counterparts - cleaning hospital rooms, the overflowing trash cans, and beds that are ridden with COVID-19. They too are putting their lives directly at risk like the doctors and nurses and they too deserve to be recognized and appreciated.


This is a 14x17 original on drawing paper. 

The original was hand drawn in Astoria, NY with mixed media (Copic marker, Prisma marker, Utrecht drawing pencil, and various other marker and pens).


A print of this piece lives at NYU Winthrop Hospital with the hospital housekeeper heroes who helped save lives and were there to clean up the aftermath of COVID-19.

Essential Warriors: Hospital Housekeepers

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