*There is only one original in the world of this piece - and this is it! This exclusive drawing is hand-signed and the only of it's kind in the world. 


Everyday people armed themselves with personal protection equipment when the COVID-19 era began. In the beginning, many people were careless with how they used their PPE, even when it was in high demand for the medical field that truly needed it. It seemed like people were polluting the streets when it matters most, dropping gloves on sidewalks so close to trashcans. Every NYC street was littered with a plethora of used PPE gloves and masks. This piece aimed to bring awareness to the carelessness of that time and a reminder to all to bring all of our efforts to the table to take care of this earth. Let us not forget that this too is an abuse of the environment and that not disposing of gloves properly contributes to cross contamination.


This is a 7.5x7 original on drawing paper. 

The original was hand drawn in Astoria, NY with mixed media (Prisma marker, Utrecht drawing pencil, and various other marker and pens).


This piece is currently on exhibit online at LIC-A's online Spring 2020 exhibition.


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